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PostSubject: TOP 10 GOOGLE CHROME PLUGINS/EXTENSIONS (MUST-HAVE)   Thu Dec 15, 2011 10:11 am


1. Adblock Plus

Are you annoyed by internet advertising? Are you concerned about advertising companies like Google and Facebook spying on you? Then get Adblock for Chrome and surf the web in peace! You can easily disable all banners, popups, layer advertisements and video-ads as well as tracking codes, Facebook like-buttons and much more.
Adblock Plus is a free browser extension for Google Chrome that blocks any unwanted element (such as advertisements) from websites. You can either select these elements on your own or you can select one of many free filter lists. By subscribing to a list, all elements defined in this list will be blocked from loading when you visit a website. After the installation you will be automatically subscribed to EasyList which removes all advertisements from the internet for you.
Adblock Plus can do much more than blocking ads: Whatever annoys you on the web, you can just disable it and forget about it. For example, by subscribing to a free privacy protection filter list you can easily disable all tracking codes such as Google Analytics that is spying on your click behaviour and using this information to better target ads to you based on your interests. If you don’t want companies to profile you that way, just install Chrome Adblock Plus and deactivate all tracking.
Other users might also be annoyed by the Facebook like-buttons that you find on almost any website nowadays (including this one). The Facebook like-button is another example of how advertising companies such as Facebook are tracking users to learn about their interests and target ads to them. Adblock Plus has a solution for that as well: By activating the “Antisocial” list you can just block all social-media integration and won’t see Facebook buttons anymore.
With more than 120 million downloads, Adblock Plus is the most popular browser-extension worldwide.

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2. Web of Trust

Do you want to know which website you can trust? The Web of Trust extension protects you from malicious websites by connecting the browser to the WOT database of of community-generated ratings for websites regarding their trustworthiness. With this plugin enabled you will receive a warning whenever you come across a website with a low trust ranking so you can surf secure.
The trust ranking includes several factors such as the general trustworthiness, vendor’s reliability, handling of the user’s privacy as well as children’s safety. If you decide to sign up to the WOT community you can rate websites yourself to warn other users about illegitimate websites. But even if you choose not to become an active member, with this extension enabled you will be protected from websites that distribute malware, sell your private data or are fraudulent in general. By default, a warning is triggered when a when the user visits a website with a poor reputation rating. This trust-score is based on the community-ratings which includes the number of users warning about a website by taking the reliability of each user-rating into account.
The innovative concept and well-engineered ranking system makes Web of Trust an important security enhancement and an essential extension for your browser.

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3. Turn Off the Lights

Watch videos in cinema mode! With the Turn Off the Lights extension you can fade the website dark so you only see the embedded videos without any distractions.
If you are watching videos online, you probably are often annoyed by the content of the website the video is embedded in. Many streaming websites have distracting images, advertisements or animations placed next to the videos and watching them in full-screen is most of the time not an option due to limited quality. The Chrome extension Turn Off the Lights offers a smart solution: With a click on an icon next to the address bar in your Chrome browser you can fade the background dark. Videos will be detected automatically and you can enjoy them without any distractions.
Turn Off the Lights is compatible with many video sites like Youtube and supports Flash as well as HTML5. Also, image sites like Google Image Search and Picasa a much more enjoyable with this great extension. You should also check out the many options to customize the dimness and colours. Turn Off the Lights is available for Firefox as well.
This is one of the simplest Chrome plugins, but a very useful one, too. The extension will place a button next to your address bar that you can use to switch on and off the lights in your browser. If you are watching embedded videos regularly, you shouldn’t do so without this add-on!

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4. PanicButton

Do you sometimes quickly need to conceal the websites you are browsing on? With the PanicButton extension for Google Chrome you can easily hide all tabs in Google Chrome with only one click on the PanicButton icon.
We all know this: You are surfing on news websites while you should be working and your boss comes in the room. Or you are looking for a present for your girlfriend when she come home early. There are many reasons why you might want to hide all the tabs you have opened in your Google Chrome browser but closing them altogether is not a good option as you inconveniently have to open all websites again and sometimes it looks suspicious if you have no website opened. The solution to this is PanicButton whichmakes it very easy to hide and restore all websites you are visiting.
The PanicButton extension for Google Chrome offers many handy options. For example, you can hide the button and execute the tab-hiding with a customized keyboard shortcut. Also, you can set a password for the un-hiding of tabs so you are the only one who is able to restore the websites you have been browsing on. Moreover, you can assign the website that should be open when the panic button was clicked.
In conclusion: PanicButton is a very simple but at the same time sophisticated tool that helps you to keep your browsing habits to yourself. We recommend installing it now, you never know when you might be needing it!

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5. Ookong

Smarter shopping on Amazon: Prices for products vary just like they do for stocks. Buying at the right time is essential to get the best deal and Ookong provides you with the necessary background information and alerts you as soon as a product is available for a certain price.
If you are shopping at one of the currently supported shops like Amazon or Barnes & Noble, you might need to know how prices are fluctuating in order to buy the product at the right time. Ookong provides the user with a sophisticated price monitoring tool that lets you select an item on Amazon to view the full price history. Also, you can get a notification as soon as the item hits the lowest price. For more advanced monitoring you can even sync your list of followed items with different computers.
New users need to create an account with Ookong first, which can easily be done by connecting with a Facebook account or filling out a short registration form. Once signed in, lists of items to follow can be created and shared with friends. In conclusion, Ookong is a must-have Chrome extension if you are a passionate online shopper. Ookong is a very useful tool in order to make smarter purchasing decisions and get the best deals and therefore was awarded with the label “Editor’s Choice”.
What is you opinion about the Ookong extension for Google Chrome? Please share your experiences in the comments!

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6. Click&Clean

Clean your system directly in your Google Chrome browser: The Click&Clean extension is a powerful tool that protects you from malware and secures your privacy by erasing all traces of your browsing history such as cookies and URLs that were typed in.
This plug-in is packed full with useful functionalities: Not only can you scan your system for malware, with only one click on the icon in your Chrome toolbar you can execute many privacy-protecting actions that are usually inconveniently hidden deep down in the interface of your browser. By clicking on the icon next to the address bar, a menu appears that lets you choose between all the different tasks that can be performed by this addon. For example, you you can remove all tracks of the websites you have been surfing on, the Click&Clean extension from makes it very easy to remove traces of your online activity by offering tools for both beginners and advanced users.
The Click&Clean extension for Google Chrome offers a wide range of tools and the developers managed to arrange them neatly into a well-designed interface. This makes it easy to navigate for newbies, more advanced users will appreciate the many options to customize the privacy protection features. All these features are well documented and the useful helpsos page underline the overall user friendly experience with this add-on.

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Quote :
This Chrome extension works on Windows only.

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7. Angry Birds

‘Angry Birds’ is a wonderful online video game designed and developed by the Finland based application entity Rovio Mobile. In December 2009, ‘Angry Birds’ was first released for Apple’s iOS. A wonderful combination of addictive game play, comical style and low price has led to the soaring sales of this unique online video game. Since the time of its launch, 12 million copies have already been sold from the Apple’s Application Store. And now, the Angry Birds game is also available as an app for Google Chrome.
After major world epidemics like bird flu and swine flu, Rovio Mobile’s Jaakko Lisalo (lead designer) and Minter Réaveu came with the Idea of a unique game where pigs stole eggs from birds and how it causes chaos between the two creatures. Since birds are the most loved creature in Finland, the RED BIRD, CUCKOO BIRD and the WHITE BIRD are the prime characters in this online video game. Players use a slingshot to launch the birds in order to hit the pigs in the playfield and destroy their structures. As the game progresses, new birds keep coming with more features and abilities making the game even more interesting.
‘Angry Birds’ is available in two versions in the market – the first one has been specially designed for personal computers and the other one is for gaming consoles. Achieving stars at each level of the game happens to be the most addictive element of the game. There are loads of secret levels and aspects of the game that keep you enthralled and entertained. Each type of bird and pig has their own quirks and mannerisms that make the game fun for all. The materials used in the creation of each structure all have significance because not all birds can topple that particular material.
The popularity of the game has forced Rovio Mobile design different versions of the game for smartphones, especially those which use the Android operating system. Till now, ‘Angry Birds’ is considered to be one of the most mainstream games and the most successful mobile application. Unsurprisingly, Angry Birds has also become one of the most popular apps for Chrome in the Chrome web-store.

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8. CityVille

Zynga Games has went out of its way and have provided a series of gaming apps that are sure to keep players of all age groups and various genres hooked on to the variety of games offered by it. CityVille is no different in that respect. In fact, it might be a major factor in creating this fan following for the Zynga products. The CityVille gaming app is a perfect foil to the strategy builders often fed up by the follies of the existing cities around the world, and would like to create a perfect city of their own.
On installation of this online gaming application, a tab appears in the new Chrome browser page that you can use to access the game website. Installation is quick and painless, and the game does not take much time in loading. The main aim here is to plan and build your own perfect city, and run it as well. In CityVille, you will literally start from the ground up by growing crops and supplying goods to your newest stores and eateries. You collect rent from your houses, and can expand your businesses into the cities of your friends franshising. The town building game is a fun and stress-free activity and keeps you captivated. The animation graphics are excellent for a town building application.
The game, which was previously available exclusively on Facebook, has found its way on Google Chrome platform. The interactive aspects of this game include your real-life friends as well, and their respective cities. This group-playing aspect is sure to add a whole different level of excitement for players. The town planners would certainly cherish this gaming work out that can bring focus on the finer aspects of constructing and simulating a city. While the casual players will feel enchanted to come back and play every day.

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9. Shopping Assistant

The Shopping Assistant extension for Chrome browser is a practical solution for the online shoppers who like to compare prices of the product on various websites before buying it. This tool has been developed to provide you with the price information related to similar products on popular shopping websites in a customized manner, thereby helping you in swift & efficient decision-making.
After this extension is installed, a new window opens up in Chrome, asking you to set your customized options as per your country and the shopping websites you would like to get price quotes from. This plug-in presently supports merchant websites in China, Germany, United Kingdom and United States. Once these settings have been made, you can go to Google or any retailer’s website, and search for the product of your liking. A Shopping Assistant scroll window will automatically appear at the bottom of the page, illustrating thumbnail previews of similar products along with the respective prices on the popular shopping websites prevalent in your country, like Amazon and eBay. Clicking on any of these thumbnails will subsequently open the page for that product in a new tab. Additionally, it shows the price history charts for each unit of the similar commodity sold on Amazon.
Another noteworthy point is that the Shopping Assistant will show the product thumbnail scroll bar only if the keywords entered on Google or Bing match those related to shopping. This saves you from the unwanted frustration of closing the bar every time your search is unrelated to shopping. Alternately, you can also click the icon in the location bar to turn the Assistant on/off for the site.
Therefore, Shopping Assistant augments the number of search results for your required commodity by looking it up on Google or a retailer’s website. This eliminates the need to visit all popular shopping sites individually, ultimately resulting in superior efficacy and enhancement of the overall online shopping experience.

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10. Facebook Extension

The Facebook extension for Google Chrome is a handy plug-in which enables you to add Facebook’s web address to your bookmark apps. The add-on eliminates the need to type or remember the Facebook address, and brings the browser to your Facebook home page with the helpsos of a single click.
A Facebook app icon is placed in the main browser window under the ‘Apps’ heading, as soon as you install this extension. You can simply click on this button to go to your Facebook homepage to promptly begin interacting with your social network.
Facebook is a famous social networking service and website that is growing in popularity, largely due to the multitude of services it provides you. You can create a personal profile, add other users as friends, and exchange messages, including automatic notifications when the friends update their profile. Moreover, you can join common-interest user groups, organized by workplace, school or college, or other characteristics. Additionally, you canupload an unlimited number of photos, share links and videos, and learn more about thepeople you meet online. The minimum entry age for children is 13 years, that entitles you to free registration to become registered users of the website. The most outstanding feature of Facebook is the ability to use third-party software, to enable the integration of games andutilities with the Facebook website itself. Therefore, you do not need to go to a separatewebpage to launch a game or application.
This extension provides a practical solution to you if you like to network socially without the necessity to memorize the site address, and would want to stay connected perpetually. Concisely put together, the Facebook extension is a great tool to use with your GoogleChrome browser that personalizes and enhances your networking experience by doing more with fewer clicks.

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dagdag q narin to...pampabilis ng Chrome nyo.zipped


This extension aims to make the browsing more convenient and efficient by letting search topics that are of interest to you faster. When enabled, you can simply highlight a text part on any website and the FastestChrome extension provides you with definitions from Wikipedia and a quick way to search for the term on search engines.
Whenever you double-click in a word or paragraph of text on any website, a small bubble will appear that gives you the option to look up more information on Wikipedia or Google. Also, other less known search engines like DuckDuckGo and Surf Canyon are included by default. One of the strongest points of this extension: It is very customizable in the options, you can easily configure all settings and disable or enable, for example, other search engines and services like Twitter.
If you are reading text regularly about topics you would like to look up on other websites as well, then this tools indeed makes it faster and more convenient to gather relevant information. While the information-bubble might be too intrusive for many users after some time, the easy customization to the personal preferences makes this Chrome extension a useful helper for everyone who is using the internet a lot to research on certain topics.

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